The first thoughts for this project were prompted in 2019 by a drink and draw meeting dedicated to  Black History month, that allowed black creatives to gather in one place and start getting a feeling of being part of a larger community. They realised they all  shared a similar story, with 2 or 3 black people working in a creative studio but never really working together on the same project, always somehow spread out and isolated in their own way. This made them all want to do something together. The Covid-19 pandemic on one hand altered these plans, but, in the same time made them think bigger: creating a collective for artists of color, that would help them get together, exchange ideas, get represented and taking control of their voice, rather than expecting somebody else to tell their stories.


The panel also discussed the importance and the specificity of different cultural backgrounds. How people belonging to a specific culture should have a voice in the depiction of that culture on screen and in media because they are the ones to better grasp the little things that can contribute so much to the suspension of disbelief, to the authenticity of a story. How we should each understand our own ignorance when it comes to our knowledge regarding other cultures, let alone presuming to know for certain how they think and feel. In other words: “uncenter ourselves in order to take in new information”.