In the panel discussion, host and moderator Juliana Erazo is joined by Pablo Gostanian from 2veinte, a heavily-awarded production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Led by a super talented and passionate team the studio is internationally recognized for its design and animation projects.

Also joining the discussion is Yasmín Islas, a nugget that enjoys watching pizza and eating frogs, no, actually it is the other way around! She’s an animator based in Mexico City. She has worked for clients such as Giphy, Amino and Pictoline.

Last, but not least is Lola Baretto is artistic director, production designer and animation filmmaker. She has directed productions for traditional media such as television, film and advertising and since a couple of years ago, she has been moving more and more to the interactive space.

In their conversation, the panel members discuss the additional challenges female creators face compared to their male counterparts and what would help them reach a more equal-in-chances working environment. They also covered the importance of networking, of being kind and friendly with the other people involved in the creative process because in the end “the best animation studios and the best animation teams are created by trust.”