Host Danar Worya is joined by Faraz Shanyar, senior concept artist at Machine Games, with an extensive experience in the film and gaming industry. Completing the panel is Amir Zand, an illustrator that swiftly made the transition to concept art and is now working at Quantic Dream. During The Art Department | World Tour they discussed how the challenges faced by creators in Iran are making them more determined to value and make the best out of their passion for producing art. Amir also talked about the importance of having personal projects and how he prefers sharing them instead of the production pieces. Faraz, in turn, stressed how being a part of the industry despite being financially satisfying, should not replace developing a personal aesthetic.

Iranian concept artist Faraz Shanyar has captured our hearts with his designs for the films The Lion King, Aladdin, the Witcher books, the video-games Wolfenstein, Shadow of War Outlast 2, among others.

Originally from Iran illustrator and concept artist Amir Zand now resides in Istanbul, Turkey. He worked for clients such as PSYOP, Axis Animation, DreamworksTV, NexusStudio, TitMouse, EddyTV, ReelFX.