The title says it all. In this panel we are joined by Danar Worya, Florent Lebrun and Jad Saber who discuss what it was like creating concept art for The Last of Us Part II. While strolling down memory lane, they discuss the intense process of creating the art while all living in different countries and how they dealt with the pressure of high expectations and self-discipline. Meanwhile they browse through countless of images and zoom in on the tiniest details and discuss their working process of constant learning.

Jad Saber is a Lebanese concept artist who has worked on a multitude of videogames such as Uncharted: Lost Legacy. He’s currently working in the film industry and teaching concept art at the NEW3DGE school in Paris. Florent Lebrun is a Montreal based concept artist and matte painter. He has worked on various projects such as Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Danar Worya got his breakthrough when he was invited to work on Horizon: Zero Dawn at Guerilla Games. Since then he has worked as concept artist for companies such as One Pixel Brush, Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog.