The host and moderator Yangtian Li is senior concept artist in Singularity 6 focusing on character design and digital illustration, with a strong foundation in traditional painting. She is joined by Lynn Chen is a free-lance visual development artist who worked at Warner Bros Animation, Nickelodeon Jr, DreamWorks TV, Illumination, Wacom to name a few. She also draws a lot of corgis. Third participant in this panel is Ruan Jia, a concept artist and illustrator for video-games such as Halo, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and Diablo 3.

The three of them tackle the differences between working with Chinese companies versus working with international companies. They also discuss what it means to build a career in China and how it differs from building one in the States.

They address why more and more Asian artists choose now to work as freelancers but also how China itself is improving their working policies focussing more on attracting international talents.

The talk is not lacking insights for aspiring artists especially regarding the importance of personal work and of a good management of time. “I think some very young people that just start working in a gaming company, don’t know how to manage their time in the beginning” Ruan Jia says.

“Sometimes they would use 9-10 hours working. But when they are getting older, when they have more experience, they know how to maybe work 4 hours on a project and another 3 hours into something else…”