The two met in 2001 at an animation studio, Megan having to make sure “Shannon met his deadlines”. They both had art running in their family: Megan’s father being involved in animation as well, and Shannon’s grandmother having had a passion for drawing and art books. This helped Shannon pick up drawing early on, to the point where he “could not remember a time when he didn’t draw”. Megan, on the other hand, was first more drawn to acting. After giving it a try, she realised she didn’t enjoy it as much. She found her true calling in creating characters, capturing their true essence and investing them with the visual characteristics that would help making them “come alive”. Both Megan and Shannon talk about drawing as a way of seeing better, of clearing the mind and highlighting the features that really define a particular character.

This in-depth interview is also a beautiful display of how two different artists can find ways of inspiring one another and, at times, completing each other. They also discuss the importance of feedback, of self-analysis, of working back and forth with a team but ultimately, about observing and exploring the stories surrounding us.