Guilherme’s work is known for combining different live action and animation techniques to create immersive worlds with a strong focus on art direction. This style has been applied to projects from TV spots to interactive content for clients as such as British Gas, Google, Hyundai, Audi and Pepsi.

When reflecting on some of the reasons of his success, Guilherme says: “Part of my job as a creative director is understanding the sensibility of our clients. To understand the boundaries and understand the culture. I think, in that sense, by being an immigrant myself helps me because you naturally train yourself to be sensitive to different cultures. That’s basically how you do it when you go live in a different country.”

In this in-depth interview he also talks about creating Tyger, The Tree House as well as Dayone’s campaign for raising awareness about relationship-abuse experienced by teenagers. All of these projects showcase a focus on creating meaningful narratives, a focus also beautifully reflected in the making-of insights Guilherme shares about them. A very inspiring talk about how you can infuse even commercial projects with powerful messages and extremely relatable characters.