In this interview with our host Danar Worya, Abe also looks at his cultural heritage and how it reflected in his works. He talks about his growing up with an artist dad and  about being exposed to lithographs and very old illustrations from an early age through Russian fairy-tales. “When you come up with a design, you’re putting a lot of yourself into that. Your influences, your story, what you have to say are definitely imprinting a mark on the work. Your start off with wanting to be as good as your betters, the sources of inspiration that came before you. And a certain point you have to ask yourself: OK, what is now my contribution to this thing that I enjoy?”

Having worked on God of War, Abe talks about what it was like to work on “the title that would shake the franchise”. Every image had a different way of creation, every element was designed from scratch so for him it occurred a shift in how he was perceiving art and went from focussing on technical finesse and storytelling to a focus on design. Because in the end, “the design is your voice.”