John Nevarez has been an artist within the animation industry for over 20 years. He is known for his collaboration with Disney and Pixar animation studios resulting in his working for films like Cars 2, Inside Out, Coco, The Angry Birds Movie, The Secret Life of Pets and many more. Many, however, would be surprised to know that he was actually set out to graduate a Math major and only later switched to studying art and design.

In this in-depth interview we get to look at highlights from his character design, set design and story-boarding projects. John talks about the challenges of working in each of these fields, describes his system and gives behind the scenes insights. He gives examples from challenges he had when creating the characters for Coco, with giving the skulls individuality while making them belong to the same family.

He also talks about his sources for inspiration, including old TV shows that he likes to observe for a better understanding of how they coped with their limitations. And of course, we get to tackle also his Cat series, the personal project he has developed in time, despite his actually being a dog person!