In this in-depth interview we get to find out more insights about his inspiring journey. Jeremy Hoffman started to experiment with drawing from an early age, especially as his mother was an artist herself. Very quickly he gravitated towards character design, but a set of disappointments coming from art school make him turn towards graphic design. Despite working at a gaming company as an all-around artist for different environments, in his late thirties he decided to change things for himself and go back to character design. And once he picked it up, he started to “live again”. 

In this talk with Playgrounds director Leon van Rooij, Jeremy talks more about how he came to make this decision, what means to make such an important shift at a later time in your artistic career and why should not give up on things that make you happy. He also discusses how character design plays a significant role in his existence, not just as a way to make a living or for developing his skills but also for recording certain moments and memories.