Hearing Finnian talk about his work process is almost like seeing the images being sketched in front of your eyes. He discusses the importance of using varied forms of references (trips taken, his own photos, stuff from the internet, sent by friends but also his own writings) for creating a series of explorations and ultimately settling on one of them. He also talks about the differences between creating concept art versus creating vfx, as far as he is concerned, as well as the difference in the pace working for films brings. He also has a look, together with Leon, at some of his works, going into details about the process behind them.

Finnian MacManus’ career has an incredible track record with his having collaborated for projects like Thor 4, Avatar Sequels, Jungle Cruise, Star Wars: Rogue One, God of War (2018) Pacific Rim 2 and Transformers: The Last Knight. In 2020 he founded his own studio: Terraform Studios.