Beatrice Blue is an illustrator and visual development artist in love with magic, forests, colours and potions. She works on animation movies and illustrates books.  She has collaborated with Dreamworks TV, Hasbro, Harper Collins, Nickelodeon, Square-Enix, Lonely Planet and Procreate, among others.

In this talk we get behind the scenes insights about what it means for Beatrice to work on a picture book. How she layers things and creates charts for emotions, how she then slowly starts adding extra elements such as colours, textures, details, how she sends intermediate versions to her team for feedback. She also discusses the ways in which she is trying to engage both children and parents through her works.

Beatrice being Beatrice however, we also get a lot of tips about how to pick yourself up after a failure, the dangers of being massively liked on social media and how creating works only for pleasing other people could potentially lead to compromising your integrity and originality. She talks about the importance of embracing who you are and that being an artist also means to be engaged in a constant learning process.