Back In 2019 Jama Jurabaev joined us in Eindhoven. Unfortunately we cannot share Jama’s full presentation with you due to copyright reasons. His work is simply too cool for the internet! However, what we can show you is definitely worth your while.  A few years ago Jama was looking for a way to combine his drawing abilities and 3D-sculpting. Up until then he did both, but always completely separate. He found his answer in Blender. During this presentation Jama shows us how easy it has become to draw in 3D and later sculpt on top of it and render towards “client worthy presentations”. Another way to improve his productivity? Cramming some extra drawing time into his daily commute! Jama gives us insight in his favorite apps to draw on the go while showing some of his latest masterpieces.

Originally from Tajikistan, Jama is a professional concept artist, illustrator and a matte painter currently working for movie and game industry in London, UK. His clients included the likes of Audi, Samsung, Lexus and Mercedes but he is also no stranger to Hollywood where he’s worked on movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Beauty and the Beast and Ready Player One.