It used to take artists days or maybe weeks to create just one 3D object when building a world. And suddenly there was the company who shook our worlds: Kitbash3d. Allowing anyone to build a whole 3D world within a day. In this demo Maxx Burman offers us a peak into the ease of creating an entire city. Such ease, that he simultaneously is able to dive into a conversation with our hosts Ania Markham and Justin Lockey about his starting years in the industry, how he sees the future of gaming and battles the technical boundaries they face continuously.

Maxx started his career at 18 and has worked on over 150 projects with studios such as Digital Domein, MPC, Sony Imageworks, Psyop and many, many more. After a decade he broke away from working in the studio system to pursue his own creative endeavors together with Banks Boutté, founding Kitbash3d and creating the Nintendo Switch game Sleep Tight.