Ayran Oberto is a Venezuelan digital painter currently living in Madrid, interested in surreal dark portraits. He currently works for advertising, video-games, and films. In fact, as a child he used to play a lot of video-games, an aspect he considers crucial for his development as he is even now approaching painting with a gaming mindset. “When you play a game you enter in an avatar that travels though various levels. The travels are filled with obstacles and challenges you need to overcome in order to keep exploring. This is how I take drawing: as a space to play, to explore, to overcome obstacles.”

He also talks about growing up in an artistic environment, his mother having studied art and exposing him to and open and explorative society from an early age. This encouraged him to make his own marks on paper. “We draw on a blank canvas and this canvas has unlimited possibilities. This quality of unlimited possibilities is I think magical because you can create anything from scratch. I love to draw thinking of the potential a stroke can give me.”

“There is no coincidence that we are here at Playgrounds” he says. “This is a space to play and be free experimenting”. True to his words, in this demo talk he does just that!