Words simply fail when you try to accurately describe Nick DenBoer’s work. “Weird shit” might come close. “Genious, insane mishmash of imagery” perhaps closer. All we know, is that we’re here for it! Nick honored us with creating the official opening titles for The Art Department 2019. In the same year he flew over for a talk in which he takes us through his one-of-a-kind work process. ‘It’s still kinda amazing to me that people pay me to do that stuff’, Nick reflects while flicking through numerous of his projects. Experiments, BTS and finished projects, it’s all there… yours for the taking!

After dropping out of art college Nick developed a unique brand of VFX comedy, combining techniques and remixing anything he can get his hands on into surreal and often absurd videos. His clients include KFC, Deadmau5, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and many more.