Coming from a person that has been drawing ever since he could remember, to the point that he could not even remember taking a conscious decision about following this path, it was quite impressive to hear Logan also talk about the challenges of maintaining motivation and how discipline helps in this respect. He also discussed the difficulties of big competition and breaking in the industry, especially when living in a country with less opportunities compared to other ones. But also about separating work from hobby when your hobby is your work.

When it comes to picking concepts for his drawings, Logan discussed how he is always trying to select subjects other people, himself included, would be interested in seeing. He also explained his strategy for his online presence and advised young artists to post and showcase in the portfolios artworks for the job they want to get and want to do.

However, as it often happens with young spirits, we also approached non-serious subjects. Logan assured us Melbourne has the best coffee in the world and he also gave us his top three attractions to visit in Australia. Check them out in the video!