In her decade long practice Aayna has worked as an illustrator, concept artist, character designer, art director, colour artist, curator, animation director and producer, and is always on the lookout for interesting experiences, people and projects to engage with. Aayna strongly believes in the importance of those personal experiences for creating projects people could more easily connect with.

During her talk she provides several examples of how things inspired from her own life ended up in her projects. Such is the case with her fashioned inspired illustrations and her actually creating patterns for textiles, projects which were heavily influenced by her mother’s being herself  a textile designer.

Aayna also talks about some of her short films, her commercial works, illustrations for books but also about what she calls a “dream project”: doing the art direction and character design for La Phil’s Sound Stage project – an unique mix of storytelling, classical music and visuals meant to bring to life in a spectacular way old folktales.