No strangers to Playgrounds, having been also part of our fest in 2015, creative Director Pablo Gostanian and Executive Director Agustin Valcarenghi chose to once again focus on presenting a project very close to their hearts: the music video At The Door, created for The Strokes. The promo, directed by Mike Burakoff was meant to mark the band’s comeback on the musical landscape, after a seven year absence. Aside from working in the great company of other studios and animation designers, each responsible for a different segment, 2venite also talk about the excitement of creating a music video for a band they were actually fans of, but also about the challenges of such a large scale project.

In their talk they take us on an incredible journey starting with the how they got pulled in the project, the initial briefs and inspiration sources, and all the way to practical insights on design challenges they faced and, of course, a look at the final result.

2veinte is a design and animation studio internationally renowned in the industry of motion graphics and design. Their expertise goes from TV channel branding to animation for clients worldwide. They are known for projects like 100 years Armenian Genocide, Wild & Woolly and Psychic Land, projects that have been selected and showcased for more than 50 animation and film festivals all over the globe.