Our World Tour panel addresses these issues. Playgrounds director Leon van Rooij is joined by creative consultant Spiridon Giannakis. This German based art book publisher found his way into the industry with a magazine, panel discussions, and his appearance of numerous festivals where he again and again rose awareness about work-life balance and the way the industry was shaped.

Also tuning in is Stephanie Hayot. Working with numerous artists she is in a position to observe how artists are dealing with the work and social media pressures. We’ve had the pleasure to have her on stage in 2019 in a Firestarter panel with this topic and it was a delight to hear her take on this subject.

Third participant in the conversation is psychologist and coach Michelle White. She has a passion for enabling individuals and organizations to develop the meaningful and resilient approaches which underpin positive and sustainable change, growth and leadership.She has worked with individuals wishing to make changes, develop themselves further or overcome a challenge to organizations within the arts, education, charitable and corporate sectors, such as Google, Youtube, BAFTA, BFI.