Originally from Bolzano, Italy, Lip Comarella first followed a more traditional education before shifting towards advertising. Although initially heading in the direction of copywriting, he soon developed a need to carry out his ideas until completion. Taking advantage of progress of software with their becoming easier and more accessible to interact with, he managed to find the right moment to jump in and learn the technical skills to do it on his own.

He met his Studio Alpin partner, Simon Gressier, by accident in Vienna. Coincidentally they both lived on different sides of the same mountain, Lip on the Italian side, Simon on the Austrian one. They quickly bonded and decided to start a motion design studio together. Their first project was Much Better Now, a 6 minutes short stop motion CG hybrid.

The duo shared offices with Broken Rules which not only made Lip discover his drawing skills in VR, but also lead to a collaboration for Old Man’s Journey app. The game ended up being one of 2017’s best, winning a series of awards including Apple Design Award.

Another remarkable project Lip Comarella worked on was Greenpeace’s Rang-Tan short film. In a touching story beautifully narrated by Emma Thompson we get to see a little orangutan’s perspective about palm oil exploitation. The movie was also meant to be the Christmas advert of Iceland supermarket, yet it was the first such ad to be banned from being broadcasted in the Holidays Season out of fear of its being too political. Despite the ban, the ad was incredibly popular online rightfully distinguishing itself as one of the best Christmas ads of 2018.

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